Kid Friendly –  Family Focused Martial Arts Classes

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“What can Martial Arts do for my child?” 

The answer is a lot.  

Maybe your child lacks focus, and it can be frustrating to constantly try and focus their attention.

Or maybe they struggle with attention in school. 

Or maybe they are overly energetic or shy.

All of these things can impact a child’s behavior, self esteem, the ability to learn and the way they act.

Martial arts gives real time feedback.

To learn moves kids must focus intently, this builds their focus and discipline. 

They work in groups or by themselves and learn to work together and also be self reliant.

Above all else it prepares children for a successful future. 

They learn to punch and kick but what they really learn is confidence, discipline, self respect, character and focus. 

Every class your child grows, learns and helps them lay the foundation for a balanced successful life. 

Children see and feel a difference from the very first class. You will too. 

Most of all kids have a blast.

It’s super fun for all kids of any age. They rave about it for days.

Gavin Armstrong / 7th Dan Shukokai Karate