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Karate is something that takes a lifetime to master: it is a discipline that keeps teaching and developing an individual forever. Above all, Karate should be viewed not so much as a sport, but as a way of thinking, learning, and behaving: Karate is a way of life.

Shukokai is derived from one of the original styles of Karate, Shito Ryu, with roots that date back over three hundred years to Okinawa. Using Shito Ryu as a foundation for his style, Shihan Kimura spent the last forty years of his life developing a technique that was second to none, and he perfected  the ability to attack with devastating power and speed. Students of Kimura Shukokai learn how to use the biggest muscles of the body to generate this power and speed, and when the technique is mastered, they will be able to overcome their opponents with what Sensei Kimura referred to as “One hit, one kill.” 

 Along with this tremendous ability comes the responsibility of control: students must practice with control in mind, and safety is paramount in the practice, both in and out of the dojo.

Shukokai, above all, is an education in body mechanics, and students find their ability in other sports improves greatly through this practice. Whether it is golf, soccer, tennis or gymnastics, understanding how to use the entire body to create force is the core of all athletic endeavors, and nowhere is this point more dramatically revealed than when learning the proper technique to throw a punch or kick. Anyone can fight, but fighting efficiently is the groundwork on which Kimura Shukokai is based. As students learn how to use the body with this efficiency and understand the importance of self-control, they have gained invaluable  knowledge that can be applied to every aspect of their lives. 

Join us in our beautiful dojo, experience Growth & Expansion, and become part of our Kimura Shukokai Family!

Featured Programs

We offer two different ways that you can experience Shukokai Karate with Shihan Gavin Armstrong and his select Instructors. Of course there is in person training at our dojo in Tenafly NJ. But, there is also limited availability for Private In-home personal training with Shihan Gavin.

Tenafly dojo Training

Come train with us at our beautiful dojo located in Tenafly NJ where we offer classes for all ages from 5 years old on up to Infinity. You are never to old to train in Karate.

Our beautiful facility offers amenities that you would find in any high end Sports Club such as showers and a sauna. Plus, you can also enroll in Cycling Classes and Boutique Fitness Training, all in one building!

Private in-home training

Too hard to find time to make it to the dojo for training? No worries, Shihan Gavin offers private training at your home or office. Or maybe you just would rather have one-on-one private training to get the most advancement from the time you have available. Shihan Gavin loves this type of teaching. It inspires him most to give this type of in-depth session.




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“PRACTICAL FITNESS – Having done marathons, triathlons, and Crossfit variants, Shukokai Karate is the next level of fitness where it is actually useful in real life. The bio-mechanical principles behind Shukokai can be applied to different sports such as tennis, golf and even daily activities such as standing securely in a moving subway car. Everyone in the school is very friendly and supportive as nothing bonds like good, honest and sweaty workouts.”

Sonny K

“Our son has been attending classes at Tenafly Shukokai Karate for ten years, ever since kindergarten, and he is currently a brown belt. He loves karate and is always excited about classes. Over the years he learned a lot about discipline, respect, and hard work from his teachers. Karate has made him stronger and more coordinated. Sensei Gavin and Sensei Linda make things fun for the kids while maintaining discipline and focus. They are terrific teachers who are passionate about karate and care deeply about training the kids well. We are very glad that our son is part of the Tenafly Shukokai community!”

Sandra & Bob K

“Different and Empowering – Both our sons belong to Tenafly Shukokai Karate. They learn discipline and respect (a parent’s dream) while getting fit and having fun. Learning Karate also empowered them with confidence. The kids stay interested as each class is different. This is true for adult classes as well, so much so my spouse and I both decided to join !”

Penny C

“Tenafly Shukokai Karate is a perfect place to learn karate which not only keeps me in shape, but improves my balance. As an eighty year old I appreciate the understanding and the teaching that I receive there. Instead of fighting, I can concentrate on learning katas which are as good for my memory as they are for exercise. Can’t think of a better place to be.”

Ann M



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