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We offer three different ways that you can experience Shukokai Karate with Sensei Gavin Armstrong and his select Instructors. Of course there is in person training at our dojo in Tenafly NJ. But, there is also Online Training for Students around the World that want to continue their Shukokai Training. And there is also limited availability for Private In-home personal training with Sense Gavin

tenafly dojo training

Come train with us at our beautiful dojo located in Tenafly NJ where we offer classes for all ages from 5 years old on up to Infinity. You are never to old to train in Karate.

Our beautiful facility offers amenities that you would find in any high end Sports Club such as showers and a sauna. Plus, you can also enroll in Cycling Classes and Boutique Fitness Training, all in one building!

online training

Sensei Gavin has now made it possible for students who have been away from training (due to moving and not finding Shukokai near you) to be able to continue learning the art of Shukokai. As well as students who want to add to their present training and dive deeper into the art of Kata.

private in-home training

Too hard to find time to make it to the dojo for training? No worries, Sensei Gavin offers private training at your home or office. Or maybe you just would rather have one-on-one private training to get the most advancement from the time you have available. Sensei Gavin loves this type of teaching. It inspires him most to give this type of in-depth session.

This is our temporary schedule as we get back to in-person classes during the COVID 19 Pandemic.

Friendship Bonds

Just plain fun

Life long journey

Team Work


“My kids and I have been training here for 2 years and it’s terrific.  Its a traditional karate style, great for children to learn discipline and appreciation for hard work.  Not a “McDojo”.  Does not suffer from “belt inflation”, you need to earn your belt.  Sensei Gavin and Sensei Linda are great with the kids” 

Keith A

“I have been training at the Tenafly dojo for nearly 8 years.  I have had the privilege of training with Sensei Gavin and some very senior instructors, all of whom trained with Shihan Kimura who started the style.  Sensei Gavin and Linda have worked hard to ensure that you feel welcome and at home at the dojo.  Karate has helped me grow as a person.  For me, it is a family activity that builds character, makes you physically fit and lets you be part of a global association. The atmosphere at the dojo is one of mentoring of junior belts by senior belts, which adds to feeling of being a large family that does not quit on you.”

Sunita M

“An amazing place. If you need to choose one after school activity for your child, this should be it. Both my kids come to the dojo at least twice per week (and often three or four times) and love it. Sensei Gavin and Sensei Linda are amazing and dedicated and true mentors for our kids. The kids learn respect, balance, coordination and just the right dose of competitiveness and the skills they learn help their self esteem and mental state.”

Aviad L

Tenafly Shukokai Karate Dojo

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