“My kids and I have been training here for 2 years and it’s terrific.  Its a traditional karate style, great for children to learn discipline and appreciation for hard work.  Not a “McDojo”.  Does not suffer from “belt inflation”, you need to earn your belt.  Sensei Gavin and Sensei Linda are great with the kids”.  ~ Keith A.  Cresskill, NJ

“Great instructors with great Dojo spirit – they made the other karate school looks bad.   Highly recommended for all – adult included”.  ~ L L. New York, NY

“Our son Ravi has been attending classes at Tenafly Shukokai Karate for two years. He is a blue belt and a member of the Elite Force. He loves karate and has a good time at classes. He learned a lot about discipline, respect, and hard work from his teachers. Karate has made him stronger and more coordinated. Sensei Gavin and Sensei Linda make things fun for the kids while maintaining discipline and focus. They are terrific teachers who are passionate about karate and care deeply about training the kids well. We are very glad that Ravi is part of the Shukokai community.”  ~ Sandra & Bob K. Tenafly, NJ

“PRACTICAL FITNESS – Having done marathons, triathlons, and Crossfit variants, Shukokai Karate is the next level of fitness where it is actually useful in real life. The bio-mechanical principles behind Shukokai can be applied to different sports such as tennis, golf and even daily activities such as standing securely in a moving subway car. Everyone in the school is very friendly and supportive as nothing bonds like good, honest and sweaty workouts.”  ~ Sonny K. Cresskill, NJ

“I have been training at the Tenafly dojo for nearly 8 years.  I have had the privilege of training with Sensei Gavin and some very senior instructors, all of whom trained with Shihan Kimura who started the style.  Sensei Gavin and Linda have worked hard to ensure that you feel welcome and at home at the dojo.  Karate has helped me grow as a person.  For me, it is a family activity that builds character, makes you physically fit and lets you be part of a global association. The atmosphere at the dojo is one of mentoring of junior belts by senior belts, which adds to feeling of being a large family that does not quit on you.”  ~ Sunita M. Tenafly, NJ

“Tenafly Shukokai Karate is such a great place to learn. I have been attending Tenafly Shukokai Karate since I was two-and-a-half.  It has nurtured me through the years and has helped me to discover something I am passionate about, karate. Thanks to the superb teaching skills of the experienced senseis, I was able to receive my 1st Dan black belt last summer. Tenafly Shukokai Karate has not only taught me karate, but also life lessons. I have become more respectful, responsible, and focused in my endeavors. Tenafly Shukokai Karate pushes me to strive to do better. You can never have enough training and Tenafly Shukokai Karate encourages me to never give up.”  ~ Justine L. Tenafly, NJ, Age 15

“Different and Empowering – Both our sons belong to Tenafly Shukokai Karate. They learn discipline and respect (a parent’s dream) while getting fit and having fun. Learning Karate also empowered them with confidence. The kids stay interested as each class is different. This is true for adult classes as well, so much so my spouse and I both decided to join !”  ~ Penny C. Cresskill, NJ

“Tenafly Shukokai Karate is a perfect place to learn karate which not only keeps me in shape, but improves my balance. As an eighty year old I appreciate the understanding and the teaching that I receive there. Instead of fighting, I can concentrate on learning katas which are as good for my memory as they are for exercise. Can’t think of a better place to be.”  ~ Ann M. Teaneck, NJ

“I have personally trained with Sensei Gavin and Sensei Linda for approximately thirty years. We all trained together under Shihan Kimura at the Hackensack and Tenafly dojos. Sensei Gavin and Sensei Linda have high moral character and I consider them very close friends. When Shihan Kimura died in 1995 I made the conscious decision to train under Sensei Gavin. Having trained under Shihan Kimura I can unequivocally state that both instructors at the Tenafly dojo have learned their lessons well from the Master. Sensei Gavin is a wonderful person to learn from. He is a gentleman and has mastered how to teach new and advanced students the intricate karate techniques developed from Shihan Kimura. The Tenafly dojo holds true to the spirit, art and power that is Shukokai Karate. The Tenafly dojo has also implemented an excellent children’s program to draw the character and ability out of any child. In addition to the above, the Tenafly dojo is a warm, comfortable and welcoming place to learn the art of Karate. I could think of no other place I would want to train at.”  ~ Jeffrey G. East Rutherford, NJ


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