Tenafly Dojo

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Welcome to our Dojo!

Our beautiful dojo at 17-19 Washington Street in the lower level, is active all day long! From early morning Kardio and Yoga classes to evening training sessions for Karate students, there is something for everyone. You’ll instantly recognize that our warm and friendly environment is different than most martial arts schools. Our goal is not only to make you feel at home in our tranquil space, but also to make you feel like part of our family from the very first class you attend.

The facility is approximately 2500 square feet, with generous mat space to accommodate classes of all sizes. We have an inviting waiting area with video link to the class in session so parents can relax and enjoy watching their children’s lessons without distraction. Inside the dojo, we maintain a strict “no shoes” policy, a traditional Japanese custom.

Roughly 350 students ranging in age from 4½ years old to Senior Citizens train with us. New students are always welcome, and will benefit from the range of experience found in each class. We are privileged to have many third and fourth Dans, who attend classes regularly and train alongside lower belts as well as share the responsibility of teaching classes with Sensei Gavin. All of our upper level black belts have spent many years studying with Sensei Kimura, and their experience is an immeasurable asset to the dojo and all who train here. A variety of classes are offered seven days a week: check our schedule links to find the classes that are right for you!

Take a look around our site, visit the Karate page to see what we offer at our dojo. You will find our schedules, a downloadable mini e-book on Karate Etiquette and our blog where we post lots of great info about Martial Arts, our dojo family and our other classes that we offer.


The Dojo Creed

RESPECT – In order to learn the art of Karate, you need to show respect for those around you as well as for yourself: you need respect for the mat as well as for your instructor.  As you learn the importance of that respect, you will gain it from others.  As you earn respect inside the dojo, others will begin to show you that respect outside the dojo.  Respect is necessarily the first element of the creed — it opens the door to the following:

EFFORT  – The more you put into  Karate, the more you will get from it. There is no such thing as a “natural” in this practice: those who come here with more ability require more diligence  to reach their personal goals.  When you begin to see results, you’ll learn that working hard is the only way to succeed.

PATIENCE – You won’t become a master overnight, but the skills and techniques taught at Tenafly Shukokai Karate are second to none.  If something is worth learning, it is worth learning the right way. It will take time and at times seem frustrating, but as you see yourself improve you’ll understand that patience is its own reward.

CREATIVITY – You will be encouraged to explore your own ideas and solve problems through creative thinking. You’ll be given the opportunity and valuable guidance to help you overcome obstacles in a way that feels natural and right to you. Resolving difficult situations with creativity is an asset on the mat as well as in all aspects of your life.

TEMPERENCE –Karate is not just about fighting, but if self-defense is ever necessary, you’ll have the training to be confident when it matter most, and the wisdom to know when to walk away. You will understand  how not to fight and still win.


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