By Sensei Gavin As a student of Sensei Kimura and training amongst his high level students during my early years in Karate, I was fortunate to have a lot of good stuff rub off on me. The Dojo was infused with hundreds of years of accumulated “sweat wisdom”  from his top students and instructors. I learned by being immersed in the environment……eating, sleeping, training...
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Do you know what BUDO is?

With the 20th anniversary of Sensei Kimura’s passing approaching I think it would be fitting to share some of the things I learned from him, and also as a result of his teachings both on the mat and off. Training and living in the Dojo was often hard psychologically, but no matter how hard I was always able to push through and become stronger. I never gave up because of the faith I had in...
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It’s your CHOICE!

Things taught at Tenafly Shukokai Karate this week… Apart from the blocks, punches and  kicks taught at karate, there’s are lots of other important lessons learned. These are often lessons that help build character, discipline, focus, creativity, patience, perseverance, temperance, respect, self control and other traits that will help our children become better people as they...
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Why kids resist coming to karate class.

Many parents often encounter difficulty getting their kids ready to go to Karate class They find themselves confused at their child’s enthusiasm when they are actually in class. “I have to fight to get them here,” or “He just wants to play with his friends,” are what we commonly hear from frustrated parents. These parents often consider letting their son or daughter...
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Why Karate?

Why Karate? Martial Arts is a practice that develops: Character, humility, gratitude, charity, confidence, self esteem, self control, determination, patience, temperance and a sense of obligation to pass on what is learned. No other physical discipline offers so much. Spiritual organizations and religions strive to impart these qualities on their members and students as well, but the art of...
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