Karate is something that takes a lifetime to master: it is a discipline that keeps teaching and developing an individual forever.
Above all, Karate should be viewed not so much as a sport, but as a way of thinking, learning, and behaving: Karate is a way of life.
Join us in our beautiful dojo, experience Growth & Expansion, and become part of our Kimura Shukokai Family!

“My kids and I have been training here for 2 years and it’s terrific.  Its a traditional karate style, great for children to learn discipline and appreciation for hard work.  Not a “McDojo”.  Does not suffer from “belt inflation”, you need to earn your belt.  Sensei Gavin and Sensei Linda are great with the kids”.  ~ Keith A.  Cresskill, NJ

“Great instructors with great Dojo spirit – they made the other karate school looks bad.   Highly recommended for all – adult included”.  ~ L L. New York, NY

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What is Shukokai?

Shukokai is derived from one of the original styles of Karate, Shito Ryu, with roots that date back over three hundred years to Okinawa. Using Shito Ryu as a foundation for his style, Sensei Kimura spent the last forty years of his life developing a technique that was second to none, and he perfected  the ability to attack with devastating power and speed. Students of Kimura Shukokai learn how to use the biggest muscles of the body to generate this power and speed, and when the technique is mastered, they will be able to overcome their opponents with what Sensei Kimura referred to as “One hit, one kill.” 

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Sensei Kimura

Those who were privileged to know and train with Shihan Shigeru Kimura knew they were in the presence of a great man.

Through his spirit, intelligence, guidance and ability he galvanized his students to work harder and learn more than they ever thought possible. His leadership helped create a worldwide association that to this day remains a cogent organization dedicated to training in the spirit of a man  regarded as both a warrior and a philosopher.

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